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Welcome to KLEF2024 website. 

KLEF2024 is the outcome of a proposal made to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) in September 2023. It is a milestone in the history of orofacial clefts in Malaysia as it is the inaugural conference bringing together healthcare providers, the industry and peer support group. It is indeed timely such a gathering be convened in Malaysia.  The theme “Unity in Cleft Care” was carefully chosen to advocate the importance of a cohesive multidisciplinary approach in cleft care. 

With the support of KKM, CLAPAM (Cleft Lip and Palate Association of Malaysia), MAOMS (Malaysian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) and MSPRS (Malaysian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) have joined forces as Co-Organisers and Co-Chairs of KLEF2024. This in itself is another first, where the concept of multidisciplinary approach is put into practice. You can thus expect a broad range of medical, dental and allied health science participants, from specialists to young doctors, nurses and allied health practitioners at this upcoming conference. This is a unique gathering, gelling together “the Malaysian Cleft Fraternity”.

We are honoured YB Minister of Health, YB Datuk Seri Dr. Dzulkefly bin Ahmad has consented to officiate the opening ceremony of this auspicious event.

If you are involved in cleft care, either as healthcare provider, service provider or product provider . . . this conference is designed for you. We invite you to join us at KLEF2024, and be part of a historical milestone in the journey of clefts in Malaysia.


We look forward to seeing and welcoming you.Adr


KLEF2024 Background


KLEF was chosen to promote the use of the correct Bahasa Melayu terminology as endorsed by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP). Klef has existed in DBP’s database since 1988 under the dental registry. Its use however was not wide spread. In 2021, En Zainal and Pn Zuraini as officers of CLAPAM contacted DBP with recommendations to further expanded the terminology to capture other types of oro facial clefts and widen its usage. On 21st September, 2021 DBP responded positively with an acceptance of the recommendation.

Why is the theme “Unity In CleftCare”?  

The theme advocates collaboration, unity and cohesiveness in comprehensive cleft care with the patient in mind. It is consistent with a holistic approach through multi-disciplinary care. 

CLAPAM was formally registered with the Registrar of Societies (ROS) on 1 October 1993, and World Smile Day is celebrated on first Friday of October every year. It is thus, apt, that October was chosen to be the month for Cleft Awareness for Malaysia. The launch in 2021, was done at Faculty of Dentistry, Universiti Malaya and the closing ceremony at the end of the Cleft Awareness Month was held at Hospital Tuanku Azizah.October is in recognition of and to promote the Cleft Awareness Month for Malaysia, October as the Cleft Awareness Month for Malaysia was launched at the Faculty of Dentistry, UM and closed at Hospital Tunku Azizah (HKL). 

Why the Purple Colour?

Purple is the colour of CLAPAM since it was registered in 1993. It is also the colour used by ACPA (American Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Association)  for their National Cleft and Craniofacial Awareness and Prevention Month (NCCAPM). There are thus at least two countries, Malaysia and USA which use purple as colour for cleft. Since KLEF2024 is on cleft, it is thus appropriate to adopt the colour purple.

Why the Purple Ribbon?

The purple ribbon is a way to create awareness (in US, purple twibbons are also used in addition to purple ribbons). The purple ribbon was introduced in Malaysia in October 2021 (during launch of Malaysia’s Cleft Awareness Month). It was worn by YB KJ, the Health Minister at the time, in his video message to CLAPAM

Why is the Purple Orchid Present?

Orchids in general symbolise love. Purple orchid is specifically said to symbolise admiration, respect, dignity and royalty. In our context it means we respect the cleftborns and their families,  and the healthcare service providers (HCP). We admire what the cleftborns have to go through, and what HCPs have undertaken for their well being. All parties (cleftborns/parents, HCPs and CLAPAM) dignify each other as working towards a common goal, that is, to normalise cleft as much as possible.


The Co-Organisers

The only registered national organisation on orofacial clefts. Provides holistic support from the time cleft is detected through graduation from cleft protocol. CLAPAM collaborates with parties involved in cleft care.

To foster, promote and improve quality of health care through advancement of patient care, education and research in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

Established to promote the interchange of knowledge, establish links with other Plastic Surgery associations and societies, and to disseminate information to the Members of the Society and the public.


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